Carol, Mitch, Suzanne, Michael Christmas 2015

Carol, Mitch, Suzanne, Michael Christmas 2015

For the first time in many years our family was all together at our home in Charleston for part of the Christmas holidays. We had a glorious time. Our friend, Pete Martin, disrupted his own celebration to come and take pictures. Unfortunately my sister and brother-in-law had to leave before the picture taking session. Christopher, my grandson, and his wife, Raven, delayed their trip back to Ashville, so they could join us.  Michael, Nancy and their children Christina and Colin live near by.

My sister likes to shop in Charleston on the day after Christmas. Suzanne and I were crazy enough to go along. I always go with her. It has become a tradition. Joel, Suzanne’s significant other, made a great cheesecake for the occasion. Everyone had a great time unwrapping presents. My great niece, Megan, and I started a contest many years ago to see who could make a package as difficult as possible to unwrap. This year Megan won, but of course she cheated. Not a good example for a youth minister to set.

This year I put up a tabletop Christmas tree instead of the beautiful monster I have had in years past. Suzanne, Michael and I had a great time shopping at Habitat for Humanity and Goodwill for the perfect inexpensive table to put it on. We fortified ourselves for the ordeal by having lunch at the Tomato Shed. Suzanne found a beautiful piece of red velvet to cover our $4.94 table. The whole thing looked great.

Before Suzanne and Joel hit the road for Murfreesboro, Carol and I joined them at Bessinger’s Bar-b-que for lunch. I think providence had a hand in that decision because we encountered Kitty Robinson, a former Board president at the Charleston Speech and Hearing Center and now the Executive Director of the Historic Charleston Foundation. It was a joy to see her.

Thanks to all for making this Christmas one to cherish. I have a picture of the entire group, but I can’t upload it without it cutting someone out.