Several months ago I compiled a list of action steps that one can take in just one minute to have a positive impact on the life of another person and in so doing impact his or her own life in a positive manner. It is a very simple list comprised of simple but extremely meaningful acts. It takes Christianity out of the philosophical or theological arena and turns it into actions.

            An observation by the president of Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, William J. Carl III, caught my attention. “There is only one verse in the Bible that tells us to love our neighbor, but love the stranger is mentioned thirty-six times.”  With the debate over immigration reform heating up, perhaps his statement deserves more attention. How do we show hospitality to the stranger in our midst? In just one minute you can make a real difference in the life of someone.

In just one minute, you can:

Greet someone.

Say – thank you.

Write a “thank You” note.

Pray for someone.

Encourage someone.

Smile at someone.

Compliment someone.

Hug someone.

Say, “I love you.”

Forgive someone.

Shake hands with someone.

Welcome someone.

            None of these are very hard or take much time, but try to incorporate any or all of them into your daily life and see the difference your actions make in the lives of those you meet.