In the Christian community, our relationships should be more than civil. They should reach toward brotherhood and mutual concerns and actions.”  States Dr. Jimmy Allen writing in Christian Civility in an Uncivil World, a new book published by Smyth&Helwys. ( In Baptist life there is no one on the scene today who rivals the contributions of Dr. Jimmy Allen. Not only is he recognized as one of the most outstanding preachers in America, he has headed some of the most prestigious organizations including the Radio and Television Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, president of the Southern Baptist Convention and president of the General Baptist Convention of Texas.

            In more recent days he is the driving force along with former President Jimmy Carter of the New Baptist Covenant that brought together more than 30 different Baptist denominations and organizations in Atlanta. He is continuing that effort with many state and regional groups.

            Dr. Allen argues that Christians can work together to achieve noteworthy goals with respect for each other without giving up their individual beliefs. He stresses that cooperative spirit in his chapter, “Bringing People of Faith Together.” He contends that what is new is a shift to grassroots relationships. “Civility has moved from a Webster definition of merely being a part of the body politic into a mode of relating to each other with respect.”

            Editor Mitch Carnell said, “Dr. Allen’s spirit and warm personality fills any room in which he is present. When we first discussed the new book, Dr. Allen expressed immediate interest and enthusiasm for the project. I first met him in Fort Worth in 1986 at the ACTs Network and have been and I have been an admirer ever since.