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Get Wisdom

Knowledge is not wisdom.

Intelligence is not wisdom.

Intuition is not wisdom.

Belief is not wisdom.

Conviction is not wisdom.

Faith is not wisdom.

Feeling is not wisdom.

Love is not wisdom.

Power is not wisdom.

Experience is not wisdom.

Wisdom comes with age sometimes.

Wisdom comes from failure sometimes.

Wisdom comes from loss sometimes.

Wisdom never appears in noise.

Wisdom often appears in silence.

Wisdom never comes at the expense of the other.

Wisdom often comes in knowing ones’  self.

Wisdom shows when the body, mind and soul are in harmony

Wisdom is being at one with all of creation.

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Who Are THEY?

Who Are They?

I saw a rant on Facebook that went something like this.

THEY took away your freedom.

THEY made you wear masks.

THEY made you stay home.

THEY closed your churches.

THEY made you stay six feet apart.

THEY closed your schools.

Here’s my problem. The Republicans control the presidency, the United States Senate, the Supreme Court and 26 state houses.

The Democrats control the United States House of Representatives and 24 state houses. Who’s left?

I am at a loss as to know who THEY are. I am not one of THEY. Are you?

What are THEY really up to?

Should I be afraid of THEY?

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I Am Worried

I am very worried about future generations. Education as we have known it is dead. The computer screen has replaced human beings. Computer screens do not have hearts and souls.

I love Furman University because Furman University loved me. Those wonderful human beings who made up the faculty looked at this kid with poor eyesight and no money and they saw a teachable, reachable brain. They encouraged that brain to come alive. They pushed, they pounded, they nagged, and they encouraged that brain to think for itself. Not only did they make certain that the foundation was solid but then they went further. They reached for the soul. What are you going to do to make the world a better place? How will you pass it on? I left there with a thirst for knowledge that has not been quenched. I left there with a sense of responsibility for others that will not let me rest.

Who will do that for future generations? Who will look at a kid with all the odds stacked against her or him see the potential and set out to release it?

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Eyes to blind to see

Ears to dull to hear

Hearts too cold to bleed

Mouths to full to feed

Souls to faint to plead

Knees too stiff to bend

Wills to callas to cow

Heads to fixed to bow

God to distant to heed

The enormity of the need

The world is left to spin

Indifference spells the end.

Love alone provides the key.

Too much to ask of you and me.

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