By Mitch Carnell – A friend of Benjamin Oink – West Ashley Writer’s Group


One afternoon as I sat dozing in my favorite chair I heard a knocking at my front door.

When I went to see who was there I looked left, I looked right but I didn’t see anyone.

“Down here. I’m down here.”

I looked down and saw a big smiling face.

“Good afternoon, sir. My name is Benjamin Oink.”

Benjamin Oink,” I repeated in surprise.

“Yes, Benjamin Oink. I was strolling down your street and your house looked so friendly.”
“Thank you, Mr. Oink.”

“It’s almost Christmas,” Mr. Oink said. “I was wondering if you would like for me to guard your mailbox.”

“What do you mean, guard my mail box?”

“Well, I would keep watch so that your mail stayed safe.”

That is how Benjamin Oink came to live at our mailbox.

Everyone who passed by our mailbox waved and honked their horns. Everyone fell in love with Benjamin Oink and he loved them back.

Every day when Carol went to collect our mail, Benjamin greeted her with a huge smile.

“Oink, oink, oink,” he said. “I am so happy to see you, Miss Carol.”

Carol patted him on his curled up nose and gave him an oatmeal raisin cake.

“Oink, oink. Thank you. Please come back tomorrow. I look forward to seeing you. Oink, oink.”

All of the neighbors brought him gifts. Miss Shannon gave him corn on the cob. Miss Barbara brought him real shortbread cookies, but his favorite was those oatmeal raisin cakes. Benjamin Oink now watches all the nearby mailboxes. He is a good neighbor.

That is how Benjamin Oink became known as the Christmas Pig.