12989702-waving-usa-flagIn the last ten years our democracy has taken gigantic leaps forward.  We have had the opportunity to vote for our first African American president and for our potentially first woman president.

You may not vote for either one of them, but that doesn’t matter. What does matter is that we have the opportunity. These opportunities send a clear message that the highest office in the nation is open to everyone. My hope is that there will come a time when we do not even ask these questions of race or gender. The Promise of America is alive and well.

There will be many wounds to heal after a prolonged ugly presidential campaign. Many people will fan the flames of hatred and bitterness. They will sow seeds of dissension for their own purposes. One candidate is already trying to protect his fragile ego by casting doubt on the fairness of the election. This only proves how much he doesn’t understand how our democracy works and how little he appreciates it. Patriotic Americans will congratulate the winner and get on with their daily lives. It is the American way that after we have had our say we support the winner. Power passes peacefully to the next elected president. This bloodless transfer of power makes us the envy of the world.