Keep an inquisitive mind. Just because is not an answer. Just because something works doesn’t mean it couldn’t work better. Just because it’s old doesn’t mean it should be discarded. Ask open ended questions continuously and listen to the answers. Approach every new experience with an inquisitive mind. Don’t settle for the obvious. Deeper insights come from exploring. I am astonished that the Bible does not say today what it did when I was ten, twenty or sixty even though the words on the page are the same. The same is true for Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s, “How Do I Love Thee?” Question your own beliefs and long held points of view. Learn to ask better and better questions. I believe that asking the right question is often more important than the answer. When I taught an adult Sunday school class, I started each New Year with this statement. “Our goal by the end of this year is to come out with better questions than we have now. If you are here seeking answers, we don’t have any.  We could spout normal Christian jargon, but that isn’t our purpose.”  Always seek to clarify, never to embarrass or ridicule.