This is a two-hour commercial to elect Ronald Reagan president. Until seeing this film I thought that the Holy Trinity was God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. It seems that I am wrong. The correct answer is Ronald Reagan, Newt Gingrich and God as a distant third.

            Don’t get me wrong. The movie is well done, even funny in spots. Unfortunately it is short on truth. It repackages a lot of information much the same way as Fox News. The movie makes it clear that the Republican Party is opposed to Social Security, Medicare and Comprehensive Health Care. It also drives the notion home that President Obama is a sociologist.

            The thing that this film lacks is what the Republicans have lacked for the last two years. What would you do? They are opposed to big government, but have never created a smaller one. They want the government out of our lives. Didn’t they ask the government to make George Bush president? They want to take our government back. From whom?

            Someone needs to break it to these guys that Ronald Reagan is not available. His heavenly duties keep him far too engaged to be concerned with only one country. Next time you find yourself engaged with a Republican spouting this propaganda, ask one simple question. What would you do? Be specific.

        Governor Sanford of South Carolina could not explain one single difference between Senator McCain’s economic program and that of then candidate Obama. Sarah Palin did not know what newspapers she reads and Miss O’Donnell is not a witch. Enough said.