I spent July 14 and 15 in a workshop at the Summer Iowa Writing Festival. I opted for, “Our Own White Cows: Magic and Mystery in Children’s Picture Books. The leaders are a delightful mother daughter team: Sarah Busse and Jacqueline Briggs Martin. Both of them well published. There were a dozen other weekend workshops.

Our small group of seven congealed and worked so well together. There were two from Iowa, one from California, Wisconsin, Chicago, New York City and me from South Carolina. Everyone is an experienced writer. The leaders were exceptional in moving the group along without disturbing the rapport. Most of us ate lunch together and continued our discussions. I went to shake up by cobwebs and get some fresh ideas. The workshop more than met my expectations which is unusual. Iowa City is a delightful place. I made wonderful new friends. Made contacts for Say Something Nice Day and Say Something Nice Sunday.

It is ironic that I was there for a writing workshop when the University of Iowa also has a renowned speech and hearing program.

Carol and Cassie were with me. After the workshop, we drove back to Omaha. On Monday we went to the Omaha Zoo.