How do we make the generous joyful spirit of Christmas last throughout the year?  We can resolve that gratitude will be our guiding principle and that we will pay our gratitude forward with random acts of kindness. Why not spread The Twelve Days of Christmas across the entire year? Choose a number between one and thirty. I choose 17 because my wife’s birthday is on March 17th. But you select any date you want.  Go through your calendar for the New Year and mark each of your dates. Mine reads January 17, February 17, March 17, etc.

When each of your Twelve Days of Christmas rolls around that is your signal to perform a random act of kindness. You do not need a reason. You may not even know the person. Just do something nice for the person. It need not cost any money or it may involve a small amount. That is totally up to you.  Give a neighbor a ride to her or his doctor. Send a note to a long ago friend. Invite someone to lunch. Keep it simple. Make certain that the person understands that no payback is expected. You can encourage him or her to pay it forward to someone else. If you follow this method faithfully, by the time next Christmas rolls around you will have developed and adopted the practice. If you somehow miss a date, just do it another day. We can make the Christmas spirit last all year.

Keep a record of what happens in response to your acts of kindness. How did each act make you feel? Share your experiences with others as a way of spreading the participation. Never reveal the names of those involved in your acts. If you have trouble thinking of inexpensive acts of kindness, consult my little book, Random Acts Of Kindness. None of the suggestions costs any money at all.