This is the third in a series of devotionals published by First Baptist Church of Charleston

for the celebration of Say Something Nice Sunday and the month of June as Effective Communication Month.
Listening to God
Scripture Focus:
The Lord came and stood there, calling as at the other times,
“Samuel! Samuel!” Then Samuel said, “Speak, for your servant is
listening.” — 1 Samuel 3:10 (NIV)
When noted CBS News anchor Dan Rather asked Mother Teresa
how she prayed, she answered, “I mostly listen.” When I asked
my minister friend, Dr. Monty Knight how he talked to God, he
responded by saying, “A more important question is how do I
listen to God.” Rather followed up Mother Teresa’s answer with,
“What does God say?” She responded by telling him that God
mainly listens.
`Obviously there is something important going on in this process.
Jesus tells us to go into our closet when we pray. Jesus went into
the wilderness for 40 days. We are admonished to listen for the
still small voice. Something important happens when we are quiet
and tuned in. Being primed to listen is different from just being
quiet There is an expectancy, a predisposition to being available.
Eli sensed that God was calling the young Samuel when he told
him, “If the voice speaks again, say here am I Lord. Your servant
is listening.”
If we are to engage in communication with God, it requires us to
be fully present in the moment. We cannot be caught up in giving
God a laundry list of our desires. We must prepare ourselves by
emptying our conscious mind of all distractions that would hinder
the process. To shut out distractions is why Jesus recommends
going into our closets to pray. Listening for the voice of God is a
powerful prayer.
Prayer Focus:
Dear God, quiet my restless soul so that I might prepare to hear
your voice. Ame