Macy Halford. My Upmost: A Devotional Memoir. New York. Alford A. Knopf ©2017.

This is an unusual memoir, but an effective one. The author weaves her life and her growing Christianity around the devotional book, My Upmost for His Highest, by Oswald Chambers. She started reading the book when she was fifteen years old. She takes it with her on her many travels. As her life experiences mount up so does her understanding of Oswald. She grew up in fundamentalist First Baptist Church of Dallas, but she quickly outgrows its narrow message. The author is an excellent story teller, but she sometimes gets lost in the weeds. The book is highly enlightening, but the best chapters trace the changes for the worse at First Baptist Church of Dallas. When the giant screens went it, the author went out.

Macy Halford sent me back to my own copy of My Upmost for His Highest, which I had read very casually several years ago. Needless to say with her guidance I found new treasures. Having written a spiritual memoir myself, I am intrigued with her method and her unrelenting scholarship. My Upmost: A Devotional Memoir, is a good read, but not a casual one.