March 1, 2016 is World Compliment Day. I am not certain how it happened to occur on the same day as Pig Day. Now I am an admirer of pigs. They are intelligent, clean and very tasty. Pigs are also very cute when they are young. There are wonderful books about pigs: The Three Little Pigs and my favorite, The Pig of Happiness. There is also, The True Story of Three Little Pigs as Told by the Wolf.  I used this in my graduate classes to illustrate the concept of perception. My great niece sent me a good luck pig for Christmas. Perhaps the real significance of the two events being celebrated on the same day is this. If you can say nice things about pigs then it should not be too difficult to say nice things to or about other people. Keep this in mind. Remarks about physical attributes are off limits.

In fact, I have written two little books to help with this business of paying compliments: Say Something Nice; Be a Lifter and Say Something Nice; Be a Lifter at Work. They are both available as eBooks on

While the Democratic and Republicans candidates for president were in South Carolina we were inundated with examples of the lack of civility. We had a gusher of poor examples. Only Governor Kasich and Senator Bernie Sanders stayed positive. Kasich stood head and shoulders above the rest in his refusal to add to the poisoned atmosphere.

World compliment day is a good day to say nice things to people. Perhaps compliment the servers at the deli where you go to get that wonderful ham sandwich.