The Wedding Ring – Christmas Eve 1997

On Christmas Eve 1997 Carol and I went for a drop-in at the home of Joyce and Dean Murphy before going to the Christmas Eve Service at First Baptist Church. Carol was a little more than annoyed with me for adding another event into our busy week-end, but when she experienced the warmth of the hospitality at the Murphy’s home that quickly faded. The church was bathed in candlelight with poinsettias and candles in every window.

As the congregation stood to sing the closing hymn, “Joy to the World,” ushers started down the aisles lighting the candle of each worshiper sitting at the end of each row. As they approached the pew two rows away from us, I reached for Carol’s hand? “What do you want? Do you want my bulletin?”  I slipped the diamond engagement ring on her finger. It glistened as I lighted her candle from mine. Carol was startled and excited. My strategy had worked.

The people around noticed something taking place. Jane Hamrick was the first to see the ring. The word quickly spread as we made our way in the midnight air to the parking lot. It was Christmas morning.

I am telling this story because Carol no longer remembers it. Black Friday is also National Day of Listeningy. It is a day to tell and record your family stories. Take a lesson from us. Don’t wait. Your stories are important.