New Guide to Tame the Toxic Workplace

            Say Something Nice; Be a Lifter @ Work, provides a method for dealing with the ever more threatening workplace. It gives a pattern for co-workers to use in creating a friendlier, safer, more accepting work environment. Like its predecessor, Say Something Nice; Be a Lifter, provides words and complete sentences for workers to follow.

            For those who are timid or not sure what to say, Say Something Nice; Be a Lifter @ Work, offers step by step guidance. You can use the examples straight from the booklet or use the words to create your own compliments. Some people are afraid to give compliments or they worry that they might be misunderstood. This guide takes away that fear. There are no examples that would embarrass anyone or create any kind of discomfort. The words and sentences are listed in alphabetical order. There is also a page for you to create your own list.

            Dr. Carnell, the author, is the retired President/CEO of the Charleston, South Carolina Speech and Hearing Center, an adjunct professor of management in the Charleston Graduate Center of Webster University, and the creator of Say Something Nice Day and Say Something Nice Sunday. Say Something Nice; Be a Lifter @ Work is available from the author,,,, and