RESOURCE_TemplateOur Father: Discovering Family, my new book, has been released by Wipf and Stock Publishers. It is available from them directly and is also available on Amazon either in paperback or electronic editions. You can also order it from me or any bookstore. It is now available at Barnes and Noble . They will probably have to order it for you unless you want the electronic edition. It is best described as a spiritual autobiography. It begins with an experience I had at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London and weaves back and forth through my life. It tackles most of the problems we deal with on a daily basis.

Dr. Tom McKibbens, interim pastor at the First Baptist Church of Providence, Rhode Island, the first Baptist Church in America, wrote the Foreword. Don Kirkland, retired editor of the SC Baptist Courier and Fifi DeGroot, Alumni Resources Consultant at Mars Hill University, wrote mini-reviews for the back cover. I am indebted to all three of these wonderful friends.

I take full responsibility for what I have written. It is my story of what I have experienced. I along with most of you have lived through an eventful period of history. Some of the trauma is still very active today. How we cope helps to determine who we are. When you read it, please write a review at Amazon.