DR.MONTY KnightIf you prefer feeling sorry for yourself, don’t read Dr. Carnell’s book. You won’t like it. Mitch’s T-shirt is meant to read: “Job was a wuss!” If you’re a privileged, totalitarian liberal, you won’t appreciate the book. Mitch’s open mind comes from growing up in the most humble and provincial of circumstances. Go figure. If you can’t find a fight you don’t want to go to, Dr. Carnell is no help in that regard either. He figured out long before most of the rest of us what a trap that is. If you prefer your side of whatever the truth wherever, Mitch Carnell’s book will provoke you by seeing another side of that same truth–there or somewhere else. It’s harder for Mitch, than for his friends, to not love his enemies, even when he doesn’t necessarily like ’em. If the guy just weren’t a Christian, his book might be more useful, at least in the real world. Dr. Carnell doesn’t even confuse institutional church life with the integrity of authentic Christian faith and service . So if you’re looking for an easy excuse to spend your Sundays at Starbucks or the beach, you won’t find “Our Father” particularly supportive.