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Our Father: Discovering Family, Available at Barnes and Noble

RESOURCE_TemplateOur Father: Discovering Family, my new book, has been released by Wipf and Stock Publishers. It is available from them directly and is also available on Amazon either in paperback or electronic editions. You can also order it from me or any bookstore. It is now available at Barnes and Noble . They will probably have to order it for you unless you want the electronic edition. It is best described as a spiritual autobiography. It begins with an experience I had at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London and weaves back and forth through my life. It tackles most of the problems we deal with on a daily basis.

Dr. Tom McKibbens, interim pastor at the First Baptist Church of Providence, Rhode Island, the first Baptist Church in America, wrote the Foreword. Don Kirkland, retired editor of the SC Baptist Courier and Fifi DeGroot, Alumni Resources Consultant at Mars Hill University, wrote mini-reviews for the back cover. I am indebted to all three of these wonderful friends.

I take full responsibility for what I have written. It is my story of what I have experienced. I along with most of you have lived through an eventful period of history. Some of the trauma is still very active today. How we cope helps to determine who we are. When you read it, please write a review at Amazon.

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Immovovable: Standing Firm in the Final Days – Dr. Tim Riordan – Guest Blog

What is going on in the world? This question seems to be on the minds of many people today as we consider world events. Some people face these times of uncertainty with great fear and dread while others engage these times with wonder and expectation. For those of us who are Christians, there is another question on our minds: “Do world events have anything to do with Bible prophecy and the return of Jesus?” While God is clear in His Word that no one knows the time or day when Jesus will return (Matthew 24:36), He also tells us in the same passage to “keep watch.” He gave us specific prophecies in the Bible related to world events telling us these would be indicators that His return was near, and He stated that these anticipated happenings would grow in increasing intensity: “But all these things are merely the beginning of birth pangs” (Matthew 24:8). The miracle of birth begins slowly, maybe even weeks before the actual delivery. Early contractions are so insignificant that many young mothers may not even notice them. As the prophecies of Matthew 24 begin to be fulfilled, they will start small and grow in significance. There is no doubt that we are seeing a growth in intensity of world turmoil, and some of these specific prophecies are becoming more pronounced with every passing day.

If we are living in the last days, what does this mean for the Church? What does it mean for you and your family? It is because of my burden for the Church and my belief that we could be facing very challenging days in the near future, I wrote my new book, Immovable: Standing Firm in the Last Days. I believe that God has given Christians equipment, or armor, to help us endure the evil days leading up to Christ’s return and to bear fruit during a time of unparalleled opportunity. Ephesians 6:13 says, “Therefore, take up the full armor of God, so that you will be able to resist in the evil day, and having done everything, to stand firm.” I shared these thoughts about this verse in my book: “While ‘the day of evil’ can refer to a time of intense temptation or spiritual conflict that can come at any point in any Christian’s life, it seems that God may be calling us to think about THE day of evil. Is it possible that this passage is calling Christians approaching the last days to prepare for battle by putting on spiritual armor?” With that question going through my mind, I began studying Bible prophecy about the last days comparing it to the teaching of the spiritual armor of Ephesians 6. The connection was significant, and I believe there are important implications relating the spiritual armor for the last generation before the return of Christ. These implications are not only important for us, but also for our children and grandchildren.

I encourage you to consider our times and the clear teaching of Scripture. Study Bible prophecy with an eye on the evening news and consider how the spiritual armor of Ephesians 6 will help you prepare for what is to come. What do you need to do to put on the spiritual armor of God so you will stand firm in the last days? Being immovable is really not an option for the Church. The world is desperate to see strong, healthy believers standing firm in the last days. When the winds of heresy and deception blow, will you be immovable holding firmly to the truth of God? The only way you or I will stand firm is if we put on the armor of God and allow the immovable Lord Jesus Christ to live victoriously through us.

Dr. Tim Riordan serves as pastor of SonRise Baptist Church in Newnan, Georgia and is the author of Songs from the Heart: Meeting with God in the Psalms and his newest book Immovable: Standing Firm in the Last Days. For more information on his books or ministry, visit his website at


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Turning Point: The American Revolution in the Spartan District by Katherine Cann ©2014

Dr. Katherine Cann’s new book grabbed me from the beginning. If you are interested in the war in South Carolina, this is a must read.

I had so many misconceptions that are quickly put to rest. I did not know about the intense hostilities that existed between the Loyalists and the Patriots in the backcountry. She details many more skirmishes than I  knew about.

Reading about The Battle of Cowpens is truly exciting. You feel as if you are on the battlefield. It is an amazing saga. The Field notes by Dr. George D. Fields Jr. are integral to understanding the backstory.

I grew up in Spartanburg County and have always contended that South Carolina has neglected its vital role in the American Revolution in order to profit from its tremendous role in the Civil War. It is an unnecessary sacrifice. Most Americans can happily rally around the Revolution while the Civil War remains divisive. This book is another weapon in my arsenal.

Turning Point is published by the Hub City Press which has established a record of presenting highly acclaimed books. It is amazing to me that Charleston, where I now live, does not have such an organization.

Dr. Katherine Cann is a good friend; however, this friendship has nothing to do with my praise of her book. Dr. T. Earle Johnson, head of the Speech and Theatre Department at the University of Alabama, when I was pursuing a Master’s Degree taught me a valuable lesson that applies here. “Mitch,” he said. “I can eat your food tonight and flunk you tomorrow.”

Hub City Press. 864-577-9349

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Speaking In Church Made Simple

Speaking In Church Made SimpleI am very pleased to announce that the book Speaking in Church Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide is now available on Amazon in Kindle format.

This book is for the person who is thwarted at every turn by one of mankind’s most ancient enemies-stage fright, or literally-speech fright. If speech fright is your problem, this book is for you.

There is no simple solution to the problem, but there is a program that, when followed step by step, will help you overcome your problem. Only you can take action to overcome the problem. The best time to begin is now.

This book has several objectives but all of them are intended to help you attain your goal as a public speaker and thus release your potential for greater Christian service.

Speaking in Church Made Simple was originally published in 1985, but the lessons taught are as valid today as they have ever been.

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