Be a Lifter!

A “lifter” is someone who always finds something positive to say to every person he or she meets. Order Mitch’s booklet for tips to help you create your kind of world.


From The Summerville Journal Scene
Collins Mix 03/23/2005
By: Bill Collins – Publisher/Editor

Teaching people to communicate has been Mitch Carnell’s passion as well as his life’s work. And although he retired as President/CEO of Charleston Speech and Hearing Center he won’t let that commitment to better communication go.

Mitch has been troubled by what he sees is a decline in civility in our society. And Dr. Carnell is not alone in his concern over diminishing civility. He cites the recent decision of the South Carolina Supreme Court to require lawyers to sign an oath of civility and to take part in workshops to help them clean up their act. Imagine that. Will other professions follow suit?

I’m not certain what has led to the demise of politeness in today’s world. It’s easy to blame it on today’s television and movies where anyone can say anything about anyone.

Politics has a history of bringing out the mudslingers and the attack dogs but I don’t remember an election in my lifetime that was less civil than the 2004 Presidential campaign.

Then we have the lyrics in some of today’s music, lyrics that would not have been tolerated even a generation ago. Teenagers, young adults and even some older adults take these trashy tunes in stride.
Mitch Carnell wants to help bring civility back into our lives and our relationships with one another.

And recently he authored a paperback, small enough to fit into a coat pocket or purse, entitled, “Say Something Nice: Be a Lifter.”

This is a handy, alphabetized guide to delivering compliments to lift the spirits of others and there are scores of compliments in Mitch’s book. He cautions that compliments should be given sincerely and never include a negative rider.

“People always remember what comes after the but,” he adds. The booklets are $5 each for copies up to 10 and available at discounts after that for larger quantities. He’s also printed up some lapel buttons to reinforce the message – “Say Something Nice” – and – “Be a Lifter.” The books or buttons can be ordered at

Mitch Carnell recognizes the role that schools and grandparents play in children’s lives these days. “I want to get the booklet into schools and into the hands of grandparents. Grandparents have such a tremendous influence on their grandchildren and unlike most young parents, they have the time to spend with them,” Mitch said.

If you’re a grandparent or would just like to help teachers who work with our children and grandchildren every day, you might buy a few copies of Mitch’s book.



Say Something Nice Sunday is June 6, 2010
Join churches and organizations to celebrate!
Learn more on the First Baptist Church, Charleston, SC website