Monday of this week got off to a great start with lunch with my usual lunch bunch – all ministers except me. Tuesday I was privileged to teach a group of graduate students at Webster University. Wednesday night I had dinner with friends I have been eating on Wednesday nights with for about twenty three years. Thursday Carol and I enjoyed the Joy Club Christmas party at Folly Beach. An old and dear friend entertained. The beach house is situated on a beautiful stretch of the Atlantic Ocean. Friday found us at church twice. I conducted tours of the historic sanctuary in the morning and Friday night we were back for a Sunday school Christmas party.

            Yes, there was a lot of good eating and there were some medical appointments for both of us during the week, but what really stands out is how blessed we are with friends  who laugh with us, encourage us, give us strength and at times cry with us. We have friends who are dedicated Christians and who enjoy being Christian. They are filled with joy and thanksgiving. They are caring and generous. Many of them have experienced serious problems during the year and we have prayed together.

            Tomorrow is the Second Sunday in Advent. What a glorious time it is. We have family – sons and daughters and grandchildren. The world is made new. Every day is a new opportunity to let our light shine.

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