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Friends and Family Give Life to Living

“I don’t complain about what I can no longer do. I am thankful that I got to do them at all. I have enjoyed so many blessings.” This was my conversation with my friend Dr. Monty Knight on our way to lunch with our lunch buddies. He has blessed my life in so many ways. This is what friends do. They are there when you need a friend to remind you of what you believe.

Several years ago, my son Michael, downloaded a group of my favorite hymns. He gave me the collection, “The Gospel According to Dad.” What a gift. I can play it while I am at my computer and be reminded of what has been given to me. Faith passed down through the generations grows stronger as the years mount up. It is amazing that my son knows me so well. He chose the selections.

When the telephone rings just after 9 a.m. every morning, I know without looking that it is my daughter, Suzanne, just checking in to see how my morning is going or to reassure herself that I made it through the night. By the same token my friend, Gene, will call about 9:15 in the evening. My sister checks in on a regular basis.

When my friends Bob and Rose Boston were on their way to Mt. Pisgah to celebrate their wedding anniversary, he called to let me know that they were passing the signs to Woodruff, my home town. He said that they have a big sign posted, “Home of Mitch.” Preachers can tell some mighty whoppers.

I can count on my friend, Joyce, to call to tell me about an unusual word or a great quote she has found. She and I share a great love of quotations. I look forward to her uplifting conversation. Every Christmas my friend Sally will send me the big print edition of, Daily Guideposts Devotionals. What a treasure.

If I miss being in church, I know that Clyde will call to tell me how much I was missed. His calls almost make it worth missing an occasional Sunday.

From time to time just when I need it Carol, my wife, will tap me on the shoulder and say, “You’ll be alright, Mitch or she’ll sing, “You are My Sunshine.”

I pray that you have some of these folks in your life. These are the angels that we are promised. They bring joy and thanksgiving to the heart.

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Walking the Path of Angels – Guest Post


                                            Thomas Crowl

          In a world filled with conflict it is always a blessing to see a story of those who seek to walk in the path of angels. The kind souls who act as secret santa, the good samaritan by the roadside accident, the workers at the food pantry or Habitat homesite are some of those special folks.

     The Lord is busy each day managing the affairs of our world so he enlists  many others in this special work. His honor roll is always open to more who seek to join this wondrous company. It only takes a second to sign up but the rewards are infinite.

     How many times have we walked by the needy to aquire some worthless bauble to add to our trove at home? How many moments have we squandered listening to politicians pontificate over all they will do for us if we just vote for them? How many hours in our life have we wasted on dressing up our personal appearance rather the the deeper meaning of our soul?

     Life is short, as so many have said, and with each positive contribution we are smoothing the way for others and encouraging them to join the cadre of God’s angels. In each day we see so many opportunities to share, giving up our place in line for the aged or disabled. Loading a trunk with groceries for those not able to do so. Offering a cart to someone standing behind us. The list of possibilities is endless and with each opportunity you can create a smile or a special warm feeling in the recipient.

      Many fear that there is no good left in the world and cry out to the 1% to share of their largess. A better question is what have we done this day to improve the world around us, to nurture the souls of the disadvantaged and to lead in the special work God has set before us?  The company of the Holy Spirit is a special one and a group not waiting for others to share, it looks for that opportunity to care, love and worship in a life of generosity and compassion.

     I pray that your soul may grow this day, that you will choose the special path that God has set before you and that you may know his wondrous rewards for your kindness. The path of the angels is not easy but the special blessing of God’s love walks that road each day.

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Memorial Day 2011 – Thank You

            I have been thinking about all those wonderful people who contributed to my life, but have now joined that great band of wittinesses. It is true that we are a part of all that we have met. I believe that God brings people into our lives when we most need them and that every person is a gift.

Mother – Enthusiasm, Love

Dad – Faith, Integrity, Work Ethic

Liz – Acceptance, Love, Understanding, Friendship

Pop Gossett – Laughter

Grandma Gossett – Thrift

Uncle Jim Gossett – Fun

Uncle Jack Carnell – Adventure

Joan Frei Gilliland – Courage

Rev. Roy Gowan – Freedom

Uncle Calvin Carnell – Identity

Aunt Gertrude West – Encouragement

Mrs. Elma McGill – Love, Thoughtfulness

Dr. Waldo Braden – Professionalism, Integrity

Dr. T. Earle Johnson – Professionalism, Compassion

Dr. George Gunn – Scholarship

Dr. Ollie Backus – Introspection

Dr. John Hamrick – Worship, Humility

David Redd – Reverence

Janet Whitmore Gilliland – Directness

Danny Gwinn – Hope

John Carney – Friendship

Dr. Harold Powell – Humility

Sam Brissie – Motivation

Sara Lowrey – Creativity, Appreciation

Jimmy Wiggs – Loyalty

Dr. Ernest Frei – Perspective

Winifred Frei – Perseverance

Bennett Murray – Trust

Gil Pooser – Wholeness

Aunt Alice Carnell Willis – Sacrifice

Great Uncle Mitch Easler – Family

Great Aunt Ruth Easler – Contentment, Charm

Mrs. Lois Landford – Devoutness

Mrs. Virginia Spurlock – Forthrightness

Clara Lawson – kindness

Francis Pearson – Confidence, Love of History

Eugenia Coleman – Writing

DeRossett Myers – Character, Integrity

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