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Archbishop Dolan Elevated to Cardinal

Last year Archbishop Dolan of New York endorsed Say Something Nice Sunday. On Saturday, February 18, 2012 Archbishop Dolan was elevated by Pope Benedict XVI to Cardinal.

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Say Something Nice Sunday is June 5

            The Archbishop of the Diocese of New York, Furman University and Spartanburg Methodist College are new advocates for Say Something Nice Sunday which will be celebrated on June 5. The event, started by First Baptist Church of Charleston, continues to gain supporters.

            Archbishop Dolan wrote, “How wonderful it would be if all churches and their members decided to say something positive about other Christians and other Christian groups at least one Sunday per year in recognition of our common belief in Christ.”  

            Dr. Colleen Perry Keith, president of Spartanburg Methodist College said, “Archbishop Dolan touched on something that reminds me of the song our choir will be performing at the SMC commencement in May. The title is, “One God” and the lyrics include, “Millions of stars placed in the heavens by One God…so many children calling to Him by many a different name…your God and my God are one…” “Wouldn’t tolerance be a great thing?”

            Every church and every denomination are urged to join the celebration. There are supporting materials available free at . Again this year Mark Woods, editor of the Baptist Time of the United Kingdom, will continue to publicize the event and encourage churches there to take part.

            Daises are the symbol of friendship. Each year First Baptist Church of Charleston gives a daisy to each person attending as she or he leaves the services with the instructions to give it to a stranger along with and uplifting comment. The ecumenical committee that oversees the celebration welcomes suggestions from other churches or church groups. Send your suggestions to The committee would like to hear from every church that participates

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Archbishop Dolan Support Letter

This is a wonderful letter of support for Say Something Nice Sunday from Archbishop Dolan of New York. Say Something Nice Sunday is June 05 this year.  We want every church and every denomination or religious group to join the celebration.
Archbishop's Letter

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