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Hamrick Lectureship Check Presentation to the Ministerial Scholarship Fund

FBC Lectern for FurmanJanuary 17, 2016, would have been Dr. John A. Hamrick’s 100th birthday. We chose this date to honor him by turning the remainder of the funds in the Lectureship Fund to the Ministerial Scholarship Fund. I presented the check to Dr. Malcolm Clark chair of that fund. These are my remarks.

“Some of you did not know or experience Dr. John Hamrick. He was the most influential South Carolina Baptist of the last one hundred years. He was an outstanding preacher, a serious theologian, a Biblical scholar. He was a visionary with a keen ability to get things done. He loved Baptist history and was a leader in Christian education. Most of all, he was a man of great faith. He often said, “If God gives you a job to do, he will find a way for you to do it.”

The Hamrick Lectureship was a fitting tribute to him because of his love of our history and his devotion to Christian education; therefore it gives me great pleasure to honor his devotion to Christian education by presenting this check which represents the remainder of the lectureship funds to the Ministerial Scholarship Fund in the amount of 3,699.11.”

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333 Years of Glorious Service and Counting

Mitch, Jane & Arthur Caliandro 1-21-08On Sunday October 11, 2015 First Baptist Church of Charleston celebrated 333 years of glorious service to God, to the community, and to the world. Not only that but it launched a building campaign for the next 333 years. Think of that. It is not a museum church. It is a church vibrant with dedicated members and leaders. For the historians the service should have been on September 27th. The current sanctuary was dedicated in 1822 during the pastorate of Richard Furman.

Worshiping in this oldest Baptist Congregation in the South, in this time loved city of Charleston fills one with a certain sense of permanence and continuity. Both have been here a long time and neither is going anywhere.

I have been a member of this body for 50 years. I know that God brought me here. It is family. For most of the time it has been a good fit. For all of the time it has nourished my soul. I am indebted to the great saints of the past who made this place possible. I am inspired by some of the great saints of the present who labor on. I single some of these out in my book, Our Father: Discovering Family. I could never name all of them. Members of the congregation are busy with mission project both minor and major. They are really too numerous to mention but all of them are part of what makes First Baptist, First Baptist. For example, recently Emory Hyatt, Minister to Children, suggested that each Sunday school class give a small gift once each month to the day school teacher with whom we share space. Just another but thoughtful way to say, “We appreciate all that you do.” God is at work when the people of God are at work.

The picture is Mitch Carnell, Jane Hamrick, Dr. Arthur Caliandro of the Marble Collegiate Church in New York when he was a speaker for the John A. Hamrick Lectureship.

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Our Father: Discovering Family – Review by Pat Ezell

Our Father – Discovering Family, written by Dr. Mitch Carnell began with a moving experience in London’s St. Paul’s Cathedral. He and his wife, Carol, stood in that magnificent place one morning and prayed along with people, as he points out,  “from around the world; of every race, creed, religion, nationality, male, female, child, adult, gay and straight” the “Our Father” prayer, or as we may know it, “The Lord’s Prayer.”  In that place at that time Mitch gained a new and deeper understanding of what “Our” really means which he shares throughout his book.  Mitch’s experience in St. Paul’s Cathedral reminds one of the event involving a large group of first century Christians when the Holy Spirit came upon them. There were people from every nation and tribe in that part of the world; all speaking their native language, but all saying the same thing. (Acts 2:11-2)  

Our Father – Discovering Family  is the story of Mitch Carnell’ physical and spiritual journey in which he discovers family, God’s family. It is a journey that began in a small mill-town in up-state South Carolina and took him to a position as Director of the Speech and Hearing Center in Charleston, South Carolina.  Brought up in a Christian home with Christian parents he is open and honest as he discloses personal triumphs and heartaches and the lessons learned from them. His wit, sense of humor, intellect, and insight are revealed as he shares some of the challenges of having very poor eyesight and lighter than average skin color.  His faith and total trust and belief in The God of Creation is evident in the way he tackles reality following the deaths of his father, mother and first wife Liz, in a period of less than two and a half years. Through the mountains and valleys of his journey Mitch shares how God continues to reveal himself through day to day events.

 Our Father – Discovering Family is a book that challenges our sometimes narrow view of how God works in our lives and how potential stumbling blocks can become stepping stones.  The book is a reminder that we pray “Our Father,” not  “My Father,” and that “Our Father” is Father to everyone he created no matter what the differences. 

In his book Dr. Mitch Carnell provides a stimulus to continue to seek God’s plan for our lives regardless of the season. To see God in the ordinary and not so ordinary events of our lives is a challenge presented to readers of this book.


            A Review by Patricia B. Ezell

            Associate Dean (retired)

            College of Graduate and Professional Studies

            The Citadel  




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Created To Give – FBC: Regeneration Prayer Devotional Guide

If your gift is service, devote yourself to serving. If your gift is teaching, devote yourself to teaching. Romans 12:7 Common English Bible (CEB)

Abraham Lincoln said, “If there is anything a man can do well, then I say let him do it.” I am awed by the gifts of the members of this congregation: singing, teaching, business, gardening, inspiring, leading, cooking, mentoring, comforting, welcoming, counseling, planning, networking, giving and numerous others.

I am equally inspired by the willingness of the members to share their God endowed gifts for the advancement of God’s work on earth. It is only when Christians are engaged that the church moves forward. Whatever gifts God invested in each of us are intended to be used for the betterment of all.

Dear Creator God, help me to understand that you created each of us as important instruments for good in your plan. Amen.  Mitch Carnell

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