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Claiming the Past. Discovering the Future: Where to Now – George M. Rossi

Monday, September 25, 2017

I just finished reading the short, softback, 97 page book titled, “Our Father: Discovering Family” witten by Mitch Carnell, Ph.D. It’s a very inspirational and devotional book as he shared his story of overcoming an eyesight disbility and growing up in the racially segregated South in the 1950’s and 60’s. I highly recommend it to you. It’s a honest recounting of the Southern Baptist struggles and his involvement as the Southern Baptists and Cooperative Baptists went their own ways in the 1980’s and 90’s. I lost friends in that divide and fortunately multiplication and growth were secondary outgrowths of that organizational conflict. I guess that’s the silver lining interpretation. He is the founder and CEO of the Charleston Speech and Hearing Center and a Fellow of the American Speech Language and Hearing Association. He hails from Woodruff, SC and he is a longtime member of the First Baptist Church Charleston.
I was baptized and had my first holy communion in the Catholic church in the 1960s. Then in 1982 I had an adult faith experience and was baptized by immersion and joined a Southern Baptist church. The rest is history as they say. I want to integrate Dr. Carnell’s book and story with my own story. We can claim all that God has allowed and brought to our lives, even as we have made personal decisions. Yes, I am a person who really honors and respects humanity’s free will. I think it is one of God’s greatest gifts to us. Even so, there are some things that happen to us, like my infant baptism and first holy communion. I was guided and lead into those experiences by my parents and the larger church. That is the truth.
I invite you and me to own all of our religious and spiritual traditions if that is your desire and will. It is certainly mine. In fact it makes my life so much richer, even complex at times. It’s true in life that we are complex beings with beliefs, values, traditions and worldviews that change.
Most importantly for me, the question is now, “Where to from here?” Once the traditions are owned and integrated then it is my job to move forward, under God’s leading, to be a positive influence in this world. I have choices to make. Where do I want to invest my time, energy, values, beliefs, good works, and educational experiences? I am continually working on that question. Dr. Carnell’s book left me feeling spiritually inspired based on his good works and his life but it also left me asking the question, “Where do I go now? and “How do I take all I have and move into a good and hopeful future?” At the very least I plan to seek God and God’s guidance in answering those questions. I feel like the LORD will lead me just like he lead Dr Carnell and I hope God will lead you too if that is your w

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Dr. Linda McKinnish Bridges Elected Pres. of Baptist Seminary of Richmond

I met Dr. Bridges at the Chautauqua Institution in Western New York State in the summer of 1991. She was the Chaplain of the Week. She is one of the many reasons I fell in love with the place. Her sermon, “Grace upon Grace,” describes my life and has stayed with me to this day. She grew up in the area above Greer, South Carolina. Her father was a well-known mountain preacher. At the time Joan Lipscomb Solomon, a classmate at Furman with me, was writing the Daily Religion Column for the Chautauqua Daily. Joan and I met Linda for lunch one day and had a great time exploring our South Carolina connections. I have continued to follow Linda’s career and her outstanding Christian service.

“On Tuesday morning (March 21), trustees voted unanimously to welcome Dr. Linda McKinnish Bridges as the third president of BTSR. Dr. Bridges was selected after a comprehensive nationwide search led by a BTSR committee consisting of trustees, faculty and staff, with assistance from AGB Search. She will serve as the third president of BTSR, and comes to the seminary at the culmination of BTSR’s 25th anniversary.

In her comments, Dr. Bridges vowed to, “listen first, revere the symbols of the past, all the while ruthlessly renewing and revisioning theological education for the future.” Rev. Dr. Linda McKinnish Bridges will transition to her new role as President-Elect in May 2017, and will officially begin as president of BTSR on July 1, 2017.

The trustees at BTSR have chosen wisely. I am thrilled with the choice. She joins Dr. Molly Marshall, President of Central Baptist Seminary, as a second woman president of a Baptist Theological Seminary. “The mills of the Gods grind exceedingly slowly but exceedingly fine.”

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Great Reception at Charleston Baptist Church Forever Young Seniors

There is one thing all Baptists have in common. We like to eat and fellowship. You can never go wrong by attending a Baptist Pot Luck meal and the Forever Young Seniors at Charleston Baptist Church are no exception to the rule. These folk have a great time together.

If the truth be told, they do not need a guest speaker. Their fellowship is enough to carry them through. Today they were celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. My friend Randy Moody took a fair amount of grief over his green Dollar Tree hat.

I was flattered to be their quest speaker for the meeting. They were extremely receptive and polite while I talked about what I learned while writing, Our Father: Discovering Family. They even bought copies of that one and, Christian Civility in an Uncivil World. We had a good exchange of ideas. I always have more fun around church people. My friend Phyllis Haynes from First Baptist was also there.

Randy Moody introduced me. Randy, Sarah, his wife, and I have been friends for more than thirty years. They are marvelous Christians who make life better for all who know them.

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Our Father: Discovering Family at Charleston Baptist Church

My friends Sarah and Randy Moody have invited me to speak to the Forever Young Seniors group at Charleston Baptist Church on Wednesday March 1. I am looking forward to this event with these delightful folks. I have visited their group before.

My topic is, “What I Learned Writing a Spiritual Autobiography.” Believe me the learning did not stop when the book was sent to the publisher. Learning from the experience continues. Our lives are not static. We continue to grow as human beings and hopefully we continue to mature spiritually. The direction of all life is growth.

Our Father; Discovering Family, records a moment in time when I paused long enough to discover where I am on my faith journey. I hope my experiences are helpful to others who struggle with some of the same circumstances that I faced. We are all more alike than we are different. We often feel that we are alone in our struggles only to learn later that others have walked through the same or similar troubled waters.

I was fortunate as a young Christian to have a pastor who said to me, Mitch, God is not bothered by your questions.” He went on to assure me, “God made all of you. That includes your brain. He did not intend for you to park it at the door when you come to church.” What a blessing.

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