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Communication as Blessing

Good conversation like good music or a good book nourishes the soul. Good communication builds relationships. Nothing says more about a person’s caring than his or her willingness to listen without judgment or interruption. Sometimes our greatest ministry is simply to be one hundred percent present and to listen without judgment or interruption.

There are times when there are no words capable of conveying what is in our hearts, but there are no times when being one hundred percent present with another is not effective. Raymond DeSchazo, former professor at Mars Hill University, was fond of saying, “The way you know when you really love another person is when you can be in a room together for hours and neither of you says a word.” Just being present is enough.

We all need and search for connectedness. We know how it feels to be in a crowd and yet feel utterly alone and isolated. We need and want to belong. We need to touch and be touched. We can be warmed by another person’s smile or simple acknowledgement.

The ability to communicate is a gift. We can bless others by the way we use our gift to heal, to build-up and not to harm.

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A Life Filled with the Spirit – Thomas Crowl – Guest Writer

JOB: 32;8…But there is a spirit in man: and the inspiration of the Allmighty giveth understanding…

I still remember the day that my dear mother told me I was part American Indian. At the time, I remember I considered it a mixed blessing, for my early education in reservation indians was of a alcoholic collection of poor people gathered under blankets. As I grew I began to understand the complex and honorable tradition that was the American Indian People. Christianity would visit many horrors on these kind folk, from the Spanish conquistadors to a virtual elimination of the spirit religions of North America.

When I went on to college I took courses in the American Indian Tribes and comparative religions. I became aware that we all worship the same God and that despite the complex rituals we all use we arrive at the same spirit driven goal, giving all honor and power to God.

I purchased a decorated cap on a trip to a indian village near the Everglades. It depicted a eagle carrying a peacepipe. I didn’t think too much of it til I talked with a elderly “Grandmother” at  Monument Vally. She admonished me that my purchase was important to my spirit and my place in the world and should not be taken lightly for it was a source of inspiration for my spirit and a guide to living.

Job turned a difficult life into a blessed entry into firm belief in the Lord. When he spoke the above words he helped center our spiritual belief in the certainty of God , His incredible strength and His power to grant understanding.

It is my special prayer for you that you will gather in the wondrous message of a God centered life. It is a power that builds on the best that lives in our spirit…that grants honor to all…and never demeans the method at which we arrive at spiritual salvation found in the Allmighty.



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Too Little Time by Matthew Hanisian

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Too Little Time

Posted on February 22, 2013 by matthewhanisian

Last week, on Valentine’s Day morning, at around 1:00 a.m. my best friend’s mother died.  I had been to see her mother earlier that night to pray and simply be present.  I received the call around 1:20 a.m. and by 1:45 a.m. was with my best friend and her father.  Her mother now lay at rest in a bed, the struggled breathing I had heard only hours before now gone, her body at peace.

Although the death was not unexpected, she had lived to be almost 90, there had been a rapid decline–only a week earlier she had been alive and in reasonably good physical health.  It was a true blessing to be there in that dimly lighted room; to be quiet, reverent…to anoint the body with holy oil, to pray together the Litany at the Time of Death (BCP 462) and to pray for her eternal soul.

Since then there have been dozens of cards and letters, flowers, well-wishers, visitors and phone calls.  The outpouring of love upon the family has come from around the globe, some from people who haven’t been in contact for years and years but felt compelled to, “tell you how much you and your mother mean to me.”

There is a blessing that crept into my mind on Monday and hasn’t departed.  It is taken from the words of the poet Henri-Frédéric Amiel:

“Remember that life is short and we have too little time to gladden the hearts of those who travel the way with us. So be quick to be kind, make haste to love, and may the blessing of God Almighty: Father, Son and Holy Spirit be with you now and always.”

Life is short.  And, in the end, I wonder if we will have said to all of those who have been special in our lives, or kind to us, or who have taught us, or even loved us, that they are important to us…that they “mean so much” to us?  My guess is that we probably will not have said those things to even a fraction of the number of people who have had an impact on our lives in a positive way.  Why is it that we allow that to happen?  How much time does it take to write a quick note or letter, or even email, to someone to tell them that you are thinking about them and that they are special to you in some way?

“Life is short and we have too little time,” my brothers and sisters.  Take a moment and tell someone that is special to you that they ARE.  In doing so you are spreading this wonderful blessing and touching the life of another.

In Blessing and Peace,

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Christmas Cards and Letters

It’s Christmas and cards and letters arrive in trickles and then in bunches. I have to admit. I am a little weird. I like getting those much maligned Christmas letters. No, I don’t know your cousin Bob or your great Aunt Matilda, but I do know you. I like to know what you have been doing and what has happened to you over the past year. We don’t see each other often and we’re not Facebook buddies.

            I get letters from boyhood friends, from fellow grad students, from fellow staff members from long ago. Am I getting old and nostalgic? Of course I am and I plan to enjoy every minute of it. God has blessed me with a wonderful family and with great friends. Why would I not be happy to enjoy them? Do some people send cards just because they got one from me? Of course they do. Do I send a card to someone because I got one from him or her? Of course, I do, so what?

            When all is said and done family and friends are what count. We can never repay all the blessings that we have received. God missed us so much that he sent his son Jesus to lead us home. He said, “I miss you. I miss out talks. I miss our walks. Please come home.” As I read your cards and letters I am reminded of what a great gift you are to my life. You are a gift from God and I remember the greatest gift of all.

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