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Celebrate Christian Communication

Sunday, June 3, 2012, will be different from all the Sundays that preceded it.  It will be a friendlier, more cheerful and more affirming day. Gone will be the rancor and demeaning verbiage. Across the nation churches will celebrate the Sixth Annual Say Something Nice Sunday. As bullying has escalated in all walks of life including some churches, the imperative to be more Christ-like in our speech takes on even greater significance.

                The congregation of First Baptist Church Charleston, the oldest Baptist Congregation in the South, passed a resolution calling for at least one day when Christians would not say anything derogatory toward any other Christian or Christian body, but instead would say only nice things. The Charleston Baptist Association passed the same resolution. The Charleston Atlantic Presbytery joined as did CBF of South Carolina. The first Say Something Nice Sunday was celebrated by churches in Charleston County and a scattering of churches throughout the state. The second year more churches joined across the nation. In 2009 the Catholic Diocese of Charleston joined.      

                In 2007 the South Carolina Baptist Convention passed a resolution,”Unity in the Body” which supports the idea. The movement received support from Dr. Frank Page, then president of the SBC, and Jim Austin, the SC Baptist executive. In 2011, the Catholic Archbishop of New York Timothy Dolan endorsed the program. Archbishop Dolan is now Cardinal Dolan. Furman University and Spartanburg Methodist College support the celebration. Dr. Molly Marshall, president of Central Baptist Seminary, Dr. Timothy George, president of Samford Divinity School and Dr. Loren Mead, retired Episcopal priest and founder of the Alban Institute, volunteered support.

                The Rev. Marshall Blalock, pastor of First Baptist Church of Charleston, is enthusiastic in his support of the movement. “Our words express what is in our hearts,” he states. The Rev. Andrew Shull, pastor of FBC Woodruff, SC did a week long emphasis.

                Every church and religious group are invited to participate. There are no fees and nothing to buy. Resource materials are on the First Baptist Church web page at Click on Ministries at the top of the page and then click on Ministry Resources. Scroll down  to Say Something Nice Sunday.  Churches are encouraged to develop other materials and to share them by E-mailing them to

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Random Acts of Kindness – 101

There is someone who wants to share your reliance on reason. Share with her or him why you are so devoted to the course of reason. You will be glad that you did.

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Mayor Elise Partin Proclaims Say Something Nice Day

            Cayce, South Carolina, Mayor Elise Partin declared June 01, 2012 as Say Something Nice Day in her city. Cayce is in the midlands of the state.

            Mayor Partin has taken aim at the negative rhetoric that has invaded society and especially the workplace. The proclamation states in part, “Tens of millions of workers in the United States are disengaged in their jobs because of poor communication, effecting the economy in excess of an estimated $200 billion per year. Sixty percent of workers do not receive compliments on the job leading to worker dissatisfaction.”

            Mayor Partin stated further, “The City of Cayce has long believed in the importance of effective communication within its workforce. The City of Cayce is committed to maintaining friendly atmosphere for our employees, citizens, businesses and visitors.”

            Say Something Nice Day originated in North Charleston, SC and is listed in the Chase Calendar of Events.

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168 Ways To Communicate Better Now Plus Two – 66 – 67 – 68

66.  Empower others.

Value their ideas.

Delegate responsibilities.

Delegate authority.

Give others meaningful assignments.

Give others credit.  

67.  Encourage others.

Be a cheerleader.

Compliment others.

Foster creativity.

Create a safe environment for ideas.

Offer to help.

68   Enlist others.

You need friends.

You need help.

Don’t be a loner.

Success is sweeter when shared.


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