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Great Reception at Charleston Baptist Church Forever Young Seniors

There is one thing all Baptists have in common. We like to eat and fellowship. You can never go wrong by attending a Baptist Pot Luck meal and the Forever Young Seniors at Charleston Baptist Church are no exception to the rule. These folk have a great time together.

If the truth be told, they do not need a guest speaker. Their fellowship is enough to carry them through. Today they were celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. My friend Randy Moody took a fair amount of grief over his green Dollar Tree hat.

I was flattered to be their quest speaker for the meeting. They were extremely receptive and polite while I talked about what I learned while writing, Our Father: Discovering Family. They even bought copies of that one and, Christian Civility in an Uncivil World. We had a good exchange of ideas. I always have more fun around church people. My friend Phyllis Haynes from First Baptist was also there.

Randy Moody introduced me. Randy, Sarah, his wife, and I have been friends for more than thirty years. They are marvelous Christians who make life better for all who know them.

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168 Ways To Communicate Better Plus Two – 72 – 73 – 74

72. Have fun.






73. Inspire others.

 Do more than your share.

Take responsibility.

Get out of your rut.

Lend a hand.

Don’t watch the clock.

Don’t quit.  

74.  Introduce yourself.

Make life easier for others.

Suggest a way to remember your name.

Repeat your name.

Spell your name if needed.

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Thankful Thursday – Edith Gossett Carnell

            Today is my mother’s birthday. Even though she died in 1988 she is still an ever present part of my life. She was an easy going, enthusiastic, happy, positive person. She was always supportive. Even the dreadful Alzheimer’s disease could not take away her smile or her love of babies. She grew up on a small farm near Woodruff, SC and graduated from Woodruff High School. She and my dad were married just before the great depression. Both of them worked in the textile mill. She stayed employed there until her retirement. She and dad were active members of Northside Baptist Church. My sister, Jean, inherited her generosity of spirit. One of my most vivid memories of her is her standing at the kitchen sink watching for my dad’s pickup truck to turn into our driveway. That was her signal to put supper on the table. In her younger years, she was an avid softball player and she played on the mill’s team. She and dad were both good swimmers. They enjoyed square dancing and dad was a great caller. Both Jean and I inherited a double dose of the puritan work ethic. Long before anyone ever heard of the feminist movement, we grew up in a home where there was no woman’s work or men’s work. There was just work which they did together. They had his and her lawn mowers. Hers was electric. We were not sent to church. They took us and stayed. The worst thing that Jean or I could do was to try to play one parent against the other. It never worked and usually ended badly for us. This is the first time I have written about a deceased person for Thankful Thursday, but, she lives on. Her influence is everywhere. She loved Christmas. Now she just has a more intimate view. On this Thankful Thursday, I am grateful for my mother, Edith Gossett Carnell.

            Thankful Thursday is a day set aside to recognize the importance of someone to our lives and to let her or him know of our gratitude. Develop an attitude of gratitude. Say Something Nice; Be a Lifter. You will be glad that you did.

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Thankful Thursday – Martha and Richard Ulmer

            On this Thankful Thursday, I am grateful for the gifts that Martha and Richard Ulmer bring to my life. Either could easily take an entire book to adequately write about him or her. I met Martha at Mars Hill College and encountered Richard at Furman. Richard was my doctor for the entire time he was in practice. In fact, I was his guinea pig until he threw me over to traipse around the country with the VA. Both were members of the Furman singers and later the Charleston Symphony Choir. They also graced the choirs at First Baptist Church of Charleston and Provident Baptist on Daniel Island. Their talent is extraordinaire.  Martha was the guiding force behind a really fun 50th anniversary class reunion at Mars Hill. Martha can make it from my house in Charleston to Mars Hill with her dogs in the station wagon before I can finish my first sausage biscuit. The distance is shortened by her stories of adventure.  Both Martha and Richard have colossal humor streaks. They fill the atmosphere with a sense of well being and reassurance that all is right with the world.  My health has declined a bit since Richard ceased to scold me on a routine basis.  Their commitment to their children, grandchildren, and to their faith is exemplary. When I think of people that it is an absolute delight to be around, I think of Martha and Richard Ulmer. They are great medicine.

            Thankful Thursday is a day set aside to recognize the importance of someone to our life and to let her or him know of our gratitude. Develop an attitude of gratitude. Say Something Nice; Be a Lifter. You will be glad that you did.

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