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Bob Dylan Shows the Way. Express Gratitude.

At the NusicCares Person of the Year Event honoring him on Friday, February 6, Bob Dylan expressed gratitude to 9 groups that helped him along the way. He expressed great thanks to Peter, Paul and Mary who made “Blowing in the Wind,” a hit. He then mentioned The Byrds, the Turtles, Sonny and Cher, Pervis Staples and the Staple Singers, Nina Simone, Jimmy Hendrix, and Joan Baez. He lavished praise on Johnny Cash. Johnny saw that people were putting me down and he came to my defense. “I’ll always cherish the friendship we had until the day there is no more days.”

During this week of Valentine’s Day, we can follow his lead and thank those who have helped us along the way. If a great talent like Bob Dylan can express gratitude to those who made his career take flight, we can take the time to thank those who have helped us.

Think of your last accomplished whether it is big or small. Who helped you? Who was there to cheer you on? Who paved the way? Have you thanked any or all of them?

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Keep the Twelve Days of Christmas Going All Year

How do we make the generous joyful spirit of Christmas last throughout the year?  We can resolve that gratitude will be our guiding principle and that we will pay our gratitude forward with random acts of kindness. Why not spread The Twelve Days of Christmas across the entire year? Choose a number between one and thirty. I choose 17 because my wife’s birthday is on March 17th. But you select any date you want.  Go through your calendar for the New Year and mark each of your dates. Mine reads January 17, February 17, March 17, etc.

When each of your Twelve Days of Christmas rolls around that is your signal to perform a random act of kindness. You do not need a reason. You may not even know the person. Just do something nice for the person. It need not cost any money or it may involve a small amount. That is totally up to you.  Give a neighbor a ride to her or his doctor. Send a note to a long ago friend. Invite someone to lunch. Keep it simple. Make certain that the person understands that no payback is expected. You can encourage him or her to pay it forward to someone else. If you follow this method faithfully, by the time next Christmas rolls around you will have developed and adopted the practice. If you somehow miss a date, just do it another day. We can make the Christmas spirit last all year.

Keep a record of what happens in response to your acts of kindness. How did each act make you feel? Share your experiences with others as a way of spreading the participation. Never reveal the names of those involved in your acts. If you have trouble thinking of inexpensive acts of kindness, consult my little book, Random Acts Of Kindness. None of the suggestions costs any money at all.

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Thankful Thursday – Colleagues of CSHC

Last Saturday afternoon, June 14, there was a re-union of some of the staff of the Charleston Speech and Hearing Center. Since I was at the center for 35 years, the group is only a small sample of those who labored so hard for the welfare of children and adults. When I came to Charleston I had no idea of the great adventure that lay ahead. We made wonderful friendships and together we changed the futures of hundreds of children and adults. If it is possible to have a love affair with a career and a city I am the example. Not only did we have dedicated staff members, but we had members of the Board of Directors who were dedicated to the mission of the organization. On this Thankful Thursday I want to express my gratitude to all those staff members and board members of the Charleston Speech and Hearing Center who brightened my life and enriched my soul during our time together.

Charleston Speech And Hearing Center Reunion

Thankful Thursday is a day to recognize and express our gratitude to those who contribute to our lives and to let her or him know of our gratitude. Say Something Nice; Be a Lifter. Develop an attitude of gratitude. You will be glad you did.

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Thankful Thursday – Say Thank You

westlakeStop whatever you are doing this minute and thank someone. There is someone nearby who has helped you, brightened your day, made you smile, made you think, lifted your spirits, shouldered part of your load, made you glad to be alive. Tell her or him of your gratitude. If the person is not present with you, telephone her or him, send an email or write and mail a note. Do not let the moment pass.

My mother dreamed of going to Cuba. She put it off until there was a better time. Castro took over. My late wife and I were going to Australia, but we put it off a year. She went to heaven instead. Dr. Harold Westlake, a god in the field of speech language pathology  – pictured, asked Don Bynum and me at one of our national conventions, “Boys where are your wives?’ “”At home,” we replied. “Boys don’t do that,” he said.

Never miss an opportunity to thank someone. It must be sincere. People know when you are just going through the motions. There are so many wonderful people in my life and in yours as well. Take notice. That’s all it takes. Say Thank You.

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