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I AM A REBOUNDER (From grief to joy) by Rev. Paul Stouffer*


David, the Psalmist said: “For my life is spent with sorrow.” Psalm 31:10

Both he and I needed a new Holy Spirit tomorrow.

The dictionary says that to rebound means to spring back from the force of impact.

I am writing my family and friends to inform them that this is not a play-act.

I have great pleasure in announcing on the second anniversary of the passing of my beloved,

I am now a believer, rebounder, and I am rebounding by the goodness of God; all of us awaiting our reunion in Heaven above.

August 16, 2016

Paul Stouffer

*Paul and I met at Mars Hill College as undergraduates. We have been friends for all of these years. He and his wife, Peggy, spent years as missionaries.

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Console – Key 46

            Be there for those who are distressed, lonely, forgotten. Words are often not necessary. Sometimes just being there is enough. At times of trouble people want your presence not your presents. Money and material things can not heal hurt or sorrow, but love can, friendship can, thoughtfulness can. Be 100% present. Do not be distracted by anything but be fully focused on the one who needs you. Do not pretend that you know what he or she is going through or that you understand his or her feelings. Each one of us experiences pain in different ways. Don’t say, “It’s God’s will.” You do not know the mind of God. Our role is just to be there.

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