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Thankful Thursday – Jean Wallace

            Today on this Thankful Thursday I am thankful for my sister, Jean Wallace. Tomorrow is a very special birthday for her. She is a modest but significant influence on so many lives. She is one of my heroes. Her home is a magnet for her children, grandchildren and all their many friends. She and husband, John, have created an environment that exudes love, friendship and respect. She is generous to a fault. The 4th of July celebration at their home is a textbook example of the real America that is still out there. Jean has faced more than her share of challenges and has weathered them all with her faith and integrity stronger than ever. She is the mother of three terrific boys – Danny, Darrell and Dwain. Unfortunately Danny went to meet God long before we were ready. She and John have lived all over the country while he was in the Navy and later in the nuclear program of Duke Energy. I am blessed in so many ways and my sister is one of the most important of those blessings. I salute you, Jean, on this Thankful Thursday and on your birthday.

            Thankful Thursday is a day set aside to recognize the importance of someone to our lives and to let her or him know of our gratitude. Develop an attitude of gratitude. Say Something Nice; Be a Lifter. You will be glad you did.

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Random Acts of Kindness – 77

There is someone who needs you to be a champion. Be a champion for her or him today. You will be glad that you were

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Random Acts of Kindness – 61

There is someone who is in need of your devotion. Be devoted to her or him. You will be glad that you were.

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