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168 Ways To Communicate Better Now Plus Two -117 – 118 -119

117. Value diversity.

It ignites creativity.

It broadens our perspective.

It creates a safer world.

It breaks down barriers. 

118. Value the contributions of others.

The world is too heavy for just you to carry it.

We didn’t get here on our own.

We won’t leave here on our own.  

119. Visit new places

You’ll learn a lot.

You’ll better understand what you already know.           

You’ll correct some outdated assumptions.

Your conversations will be more interesting.

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Love – The Daily Cup – Matthew Hanisian -7-27-12

My prayer for us this week is that we recognize the wonderful gift that we are given with those we love; that we seek and find the love of God in those we love and in those who love us.  In doing so, we will be the shining reflections of God’s love for us all.

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Random Acts of Kindness -11

Someone needs to hear the joy of your laughter. Laugh for all to hear. You will be glad that you did.

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Random Acts of Kindness – 10

Someone needs the reassurance of your peace. Be there for her or him. You will be glad that you were.

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