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President Macron of France has committed to restoring Notre Dame Cathedral in five years. That may or may not be possible. Either way it demonstrates a belief in the possibility of resurrection. This terrible fire coming at the start of holy week is a vivid illustration that resurrection is always possible.

Carol and I were two of the 13,000,000 tourists who visited the cathedral in 2002. We stayed too long and our tour group went on without us. I will keep the image of that magnificent structure in my mind forever. Getting lost is part of life’s journey or perhaps it’s just another avenue for growth.

John Carney, the late executive of the Columbia South Carolina Speech and Hearing Center gave me a print of his painting of the Cathedral’s famed North Rose Window which he did from a photograph. He painted the window after he lost most of his eye sight. The people in the art department of the University of South Carolina designed and erected an extraordinary lighting system on pulleys that allowed him to continue to paint. John’s zeal for life was resurrected by an act of kindness. I gaze at that painting several times a day as I descend the stairs from my office. The print reminds me of the great joy we felt in visiting the cathedral and equally of a great friendship.

As my friend, Dr. Monty Knight, says, “I don’t know what happened at the resurrection of Jesus, but whatever it was changed the world.” Resurrection is real. It is all around us. Our earth is in constant renewal and so are we.

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Macy Halford. My Upmost: A Devotional Memoir.

Macy Halford. My Upmost: A Devotional Memoir. New York. Alford A. Knopf ©2017.

This is an unusual memoir, but an effective one. The author weaves her life and her growing Christianity around the devotional book, My Upmost for His Highest, by Oswald Chambers. She started reading the book when she was fifteen years old. She takes it with her on her many travels. As her life experiences mount up so does her understanding of Oswald. She grew up in fundamentalist First Baptist Church of Dallas, but she quickly outgrows its narrow message. The author is an excellent story teller, but she sometimes gets lost in the weeds. The book is highly enlightening, but the best chapters trace the changes for the worse at First Baptist Church of Dallas. When the giant screens went it, the author went out.

Macy Halford sent me back to my own copy of My Upmost for His Highest, which I had read very casually several years ago. Needless to say with her guidance I found new treasures. Having written a spiritual memoir myself, I am intrigued with her method and her unrelenting scholarship. My Upmost: A Devotional Memoir, is a good read, but not a casual one.

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