Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude

Others have sacrificed for you. Many have gone out on a limb for you. You are the recipient of the efforts of others.  Appreciation on your part is always an appropriate attitude.  Let others know how grateful you are for what they have done for you. None of us get there on our own. We have all had a helping hand. Think about the last good thing that happened to you. Who was involved? How did you meet him or her? Who introduced you? Why were they there? My wife is a teacher because her third grade teacher saw the potential in her that no one else had seen or encouraged. One person made the difference. One person fanned the flame that resulted in a lifetime of helping countless others reach their potential. Appreciation doesn’t cost a cent, but the dividends keep growing and growing. Adopt an attitude of appreciation. In twenty eight years of teaching imagine how many lives Carol influenced and how many lives her students will influence. Never under estimate the good that one person can do.

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