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Random Acts of Kindness – 91

There is someone who wants to understand your commitment to being totally engaged. Share with her or him the necessity to be totally engaged in what you are doing. You will be glad that you did.

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Random Acts of Kindness – 8

Someone is hungry for the comfort of your presence. Be there for her or him. You will be glad that you were there.

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168 Ways To Communicate Better Now Plus Two – 34 – 35 – 36

 34. Be loyal.

Go home with the person who brought you.

Stick to your commitments.

Nurture your friendships. 

 35. Be 100% present.

 Shut out all distractions.

  Focus on this moment.

Attend with your entire being. 

 36. Be on time.

Make it an absolute.

Plan ahead.

Start early.

Reward yourself.

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168 Ways To Communicate Better Now Plus Three

169.   Be 100% present.

               Shut out all distractions.

               Focus on this moment.

              Attend with your entire being. 

170. Cultivate and practice self-discipline.

             You be in charge of you.

             Master the easier behaviors first.

             Tackle the major changes one at a time. 

171. Don’t interrupt.

            Interrupting others is a hostile act.

            It inflames people.

            It is rude.

           It robs you of valuable information.                 

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