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Random Acts of Kindness – 28

There is someone who needs you to listen. Listen to her or him with your full attention without interrupting. You will be glad that you did.

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168 Ways To Communicate Better Now – 149 – 150 – 151

149. Don’t make threatening moves.

They create tension.

You might have to follow through.

You might be misunderstood.

Your luck might run out.  

150. Don’t manipulate others.

It creates hostility.    

It brands you.

It’s too easily spotted.  

151. Don’t monopolize.


Break the ice.

Make introductions easy for others.

Broaden your friendships.

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168 Ways To Communicate Better Now – 99 – 100 – 101

99. Seek reconciliation.

You need all the friends you can get.

You ’11 free up lots of misplaced energy.

You ’11 have a new perspective. 

100. Send notes of appreciation.

It’s the right thing to do.

They make others feel good.

It makes you feel good.  

101. Share with others.

You have more than you need.

It will enrich your life.

It creates community.

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168 Ways To Communicate Better Now -87 – 88 – 89

87. Mingle.

Don’t hug the wall.

Don’t monopolize one person.

Share your charm.

Encourage others to follow your lead. 

88. Pause often.

Pauses are more dramatic.

Pausing gives your listener a chance to think about your ideas.

Pauses help hold the listener’s attention.  

89. Pay attention.

Be 100% present.

Maintain eye contact with the speaker.

Don’t fidget.

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