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We Are Better than This

Both of the leading candidates for president of the United States have high unfavorable ratings. There is a simple explanation. They are both rude, obnoxious, loud, disrespectful, and they both talk too much. Neither would recognize the truth if it came up and sat it their laps. In their one vice-presidential debate, these guys weren’t much better. Tim Kaine interrupted 70 times in a 90 minute debate and Mike Pence couldn’t find the truth although he was much more likeable.

We Americans are better than this. We know how to disagree and remain respectful. Civility requires us to play nice with each other. I can disagree with every argument you make and still go to lunch with you. We have heard every negative comment or insult you have for each other. There are many voters who thrive on the bombastic insults; however, the great majority of us would like to hear a frank debate on the issues.

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168 Ways To Communicate Better Now Plus Two – 143 – 144 – 145

143. Don’t hold a grudge.

The other person has forgotten it already.

It blocks progress.

Cultivate a forgiving spirit.

Move on.

144. Don’t inflame others.

You have enough enemies.

Don’t give your enemies ammunition.

It isn’t productive.

Conciliation is better. 

145. Don’t interrupt.

Interrupting others is a hostile act.

It inflames people.

It is rude.

It robs you of valuable information


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Be Polite – Key 17

Be polite

            Always say “please” and “thank you.” Rudeness is never appropriate. When you are tempted to be rude, think of your mother. Would she approve of what you are about to say or do? Even in those situations where others make it difficult to remain pleasant remember who you are. Do not give over control of your life to someone else. Remember that you are in charge of you.

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