I have been wearing my Say Something Nice button and discovered that it is a magnet. People stop me to ask about it. Carol and I went on a Caribbean cruise and I started wearing the button. Fairly quickly news of it spread over the ship. I did not take a large number with me, but now with the help of some fellow passengers and very responsive crew members it has spread around the world.

            The last couple of Mondays I have worn it to my lunch at the S&S Cafeteria with my minister friends. Customers and staff are intrigued by it and want to know more about the buttons. Yesterday the supply I had with me quickly disappeared. I have learned a great lesson from this simple exercise.

            Our actions do count. People are paying attention. This simple message is spreading. Whether you are wearing a button or not, you are spreading a message. As one of the articles I often give out states, “You Are always on Stage.”

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