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Mayor Summey Issues 12th, Say Something Nice Day Proclamation

Last night, May 11, 2017, at a meeting of the City of North Charleston City Council Mayor Keith issued a proclamation for Say Something Nice Day on June 1. Councilman Brown presented it to me. It was the 12th. time Mayor Summey has done this. This is where it all began. Neither Mayor or I knew at the time how far our efforts might go. The one thing we do know is that it is more needed now than ever.

I am grateful to Mayor Summey for his leadership in this area and more important I am grateful for the example he sets in the realm of civil discourse. The rest of the country has had an opportunity to look at him up close and they have seen a man who practices what he preaches. I hope everyone will celebrate Say Something Nice Day on June first. It doesn’t hurt one bit and it offers a world of improved relationships.

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Mayor Summey Issues 2016 Proclamation for Say Something Nice Day

Mitch and Councilman Brown 2016Mayor Keith Summey signed a proclamation declaring June 1, 2016 as Say Something Nice Day in the City of North Charleston. He urged all citizens and visitors to make this is a day of healing relationships and creating an environments that benefits everyone. The clerk read the proclamation which was presented to Mitch Carnell, founder of the movement, by Councilman Michael Brown.

Mayor John Tecklenburg, City of Charleston, and Mayor Elise Partin of the City of Cayce, issued similar proclamations earlier in the week. The City of North Charleston issued the first Say Something Nice Day Proclamation in 2006. This is the 11th year. Dr. Carnell complimented Mayor Summey on the outstanding example of public civility that he has demonstrated during a very difficult year.

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Mayor Keith Summey Proclaims 10th. Say Something Nice Day

Michael Brown, Mitch Carnell 2015Mayor Keith Summey of the City of North Charleston, South Carolina, proclaimed the 10th. Annual Say Something Nice Day at a city council meeting on May 28th. Councilman Michael Brown presented the proclamation. The event is on June 1, 2015. Mayor Summey proclaimed the first Say Something Nice Day in 2006. Since then the celebration has grown across the country.

Mayor Summey recognized the efforts of communication specialist Dr. Mitch Carnell, founder of the event. He talked about how important effective civil communication is in building relationships. Say Something Nice Day is listed in the Chase Calendar of Events.

Say Something Nice Day led to the establishment of Say Something Nice Sunday the first Sunday in June for religious organizations. It too is now widely celebrated.

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Mayor Summey Proclaims Say Something Nice Day

            City of North Charleston, South Carolina, Mayor Keith Summey declared June 01, 2012 as Say Something Nice Day at a meeting of City Council on May 10. North Charleston is the third largest city in the state. A rousing concert by the new Steel Drum Band of Stall High School preceded the reading of the proclamation.

            Mayor Summey took aim at the negative rhetoric that has invaded society and especially the workplace. The proclamation states in part, “Tens of millions of workers in the United States are disengaged in their jobs because of poor communication, effecting the economy in excess of an estimated $200 billion per year. Sixty percent of workers do not receive compliments on the job leading to worker dissatisfaction.”

            Mayor Summey stated further, “The City of North Charleston has long believed in the importance of effective communication within its workforce. The City is committed to maintaining friendly atmosphere for our employees, citizens, businesses and visitors.”

            Say Something Nice Day originated in North Charleston, SC and Mayor Summey was the first to make the designation. It is now listed in the Chase Calendar of Events. The city previously trained all of its employees in effective communication skills.

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