No, that is not a mistake. For so many years of my life, I depended almost entirely on my hearing and that is what I heard as a child, “Jesus wants me for a Sunbean.” It didn’t make any sense. I didn’t know what a sunbean was, but if Jesus wanted me to be one I was ready. I knew that He would show me what to do. The truth is that I probably didn’t know what a sunbeam was either. We lived in a small town and were poor. We couldn’t afford sunbeams. We just had plain old sunlight which I couldn’t stay out in anyway because of my fair complexion.

            Gradually I came to the realization of what a sunbeam really is, but it really didn’t matter. I was already hooked on what Jesus wanted. Over these many years I have stayed hooked. There have been so many times that I did not understand why things were happening as they were, but that childhood faith got me through. I knew that if I just waited Jesus would shine a light for me to follow. It’s a funny thing about faith. Just as Jesus told us we don’t need much because he will supply the rest. If we commit just to being that little sunbeam, He will make the light bright enough for us to see and for others to follow. In the meantime that mustard seed of faith will continue to grow.

            At the end of my time, if I could choose what my legacy would be that would be it. I would like to be remembered as someone who tried his best to be a sunbeam for Jesus.

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