On this Thankful Thursday I am thankful for my young friend, Ben Guerry. I have known Ben all of his life and have watched him grow into an intelligent, thoughtful, talented and creative young man. He is now a student at Clemson, too bad not Furman, but everyone is allowed one bad choice. This past summer he served an internship at the First Baptist Church of Clemson. I listened to the recording and was impressed with his ease and comfort with the text and with speaking. I have no idea what his final vocational choice will be, but the church would be greatly served by someone of his ability, honesty and intellectual curiosity. Ben has enjoyed growing up in a home filled with love for him, love of God and a heart for all of humanity. Ben gives me hope for the future of our nation, for our young people and for the church. Thank you, Ben.

            Thankful Thursday is a special day to choose someone that you are thankful for and let her or him know what she or he means to your life. Send a note, make a telephone call or send an E-mail. You will be glad that you did.