Today and every day I am thankful for my son, Michael. Saturday July 24, is his birthday. He and I have been through the usual father/son struggles. He is descended from a long line of control freaks and has inherited his share of the genes. On the other hand, he had a mother who was the most non-judgmental most accepting person I have ever known. Michael inherited a fair share of those genes as well. He is intelligent, a quick learner, creative and compassionate. He is a wonderful father to two of my grandchildren. He knows anything you need to know about computers and lots you don’t need to know about computers. He is an active member of his church, a founder of the British Car Club and the Parrott Head Club. In short he is a son I am very proud of and I am not biased at all. Happy birthday son.

     Every Thursday choose someone that you are thankful for and let him or her know how you feel. Telephone, E-mail or send a card to him or her. You will be glad that you did. It only takes a minute.