On this Thankful Thursday I am grateful for the gifts of Mildred Lanford to my life. Mildred is the daughter of my father’s sister Sallie Lou Carnell Hanna and Troy Hanna. Mildred was one of my dad’s favorites. She was extremely good to dad and mother during mother’s long bout with Alzheimer’s disease. She was married to the late Elbert Lanford and their daughter, Sandra, is the administrative assistant at the Woodruff Baptist Association. Mildred has served as the historian at Antioch Baptist Church where my father’s family was members from its very beginning in 1835. As would be expected, Mildred’s living room is filled with pictures of family and friends. She graduated from Woodruff High School and worked as a dental assistant for 45 years. Even though she now uses a wheelchair, she is still involved with her church and community and is a treasure trove of family history, stories and lore. She retains her cheerful, optimistic outlook. On this Thankful Thursday I am very thankful for the presence of Mildred Lanford in my life.

Thankful Thursday is a day established to recognize the importance of someone to our lives and to let her or him know of our gratitude. Develop an attitude of gratitude. Say Something Nice; Be a Lifter. You will be glad that you did.