westlakeStop whatever you are doing this minute and thank someone. There is someone nearby who has helped you, brightened your day, made you smile, made you think, lifted your spirits, shouldered part of your load, made you glad to be alive. Tell her or him of your gratitude. If the person is not present with you, telephone her or him, send an email or write and mail a note. Do not let the moment pass.

My mother dreamed of going to Cuba. She put it off until there was a better time. Castro took over. My late wife and I were going to Australia, but we put it off a year. She went to heaven instead. Dr. Harold Westlake, a god in the field of speech language pathology  – pictured, asked Don Bynum and me at one of our national conventions, “Boys where are your wives?’ “”At home,” we replied. “Boys don’t do that,” he said.

Never miss an opportunity to thank someone. It must be sincere. People know when you are just going through the motions. There are so many wonderful people in my life and in yours as well. Take notice. That’s all it takes. Say Thank You.