On this Thankful Thursday I am thankful for Shawna and Scott Bumgardener. They are Carol’s niece and nephew. That is not what makes them special. They are very active members of their church and especially in youth work. Even though they already had two young daughters of their own, they adopted two other daughters including a teenager. Scott was greatly influenced by the movie, “Blind Side,” and told Shawna that they could follow the example. Of course, she agreed. What an example! They live in Huntington, West Virginia, where Scott is a partner with Edward Jones. They are both Marshall University graduates and huge football fans. They are shining examples of a can do attitude which is so desperately needed. On this Thankful Thursday, Carol and I are very thankful that this couple is in our lives.

            Thankful Thursday is a special day for you to recognize someone who is important in your life and to let him or her know of your gratitude. Write her or him a note. Call him or her on the phone or send an E-mail. Just be sure to do it. You will be glad that you did.