My eighth of the extended Twelve Days of Christmas came before August 17th which is the date I have chosen for each month because it is my wife’s birthday and St. Patrick’s Day. I am happy to report that I did follow through and it does feel good.

I have marked my 2015 calendar for each of the twelve months as a way of extending the wonderful spirit of Christmas throughout the entire year. My hope is that others will join in the spirit and make it a wonderful time for all of us. It does not need to be a grand gesture. Just make it something simple. Something you will do. If it becomes over complicated we will not do it. It is simply a way of sharing. The book, The Killer App., offers many ideas for taking our faith into the workplace in a non-threatening manner. An easy one is to share a book you like or find helpful by lending or giving it to someone. Another one is to share a vital contact with someone else. Get permission first.

I am writing this as a part of my accountability to myself to remind me to follow through. We all have great intentions, but follow through is always the test. Please join me as we go through the year. Help brighten someone’s day.