Last night I was given a glimpse into the future of First Baptist Church of Charleston. I am sure that every generation that has worshiped in  this 332 year old church has had doubts about its future. The children’s  choir was rehearsing and then were joined by the Sanctuary Choir. The children paid attention to its director and then to the Minister of Music and Worship.  They followed his every gesture.

As the children sang, “In My Father’s House,” my apprehensions about the future faded. As their young voices joined with the older voices in singing, “This Is My Father’s World,” I was thrilled.  I know that worship styles will change in the years ahead and that culture will continue to influence the programs of the church, but that has been true of the previous 300 years. What I gained from being present for this rehearsal was a real sense of security about the future. These young people are the future and they are getting the grounding that will serve them well as they deal with the challenges that they will encounter in their future.