What a wonderful day to be at Furman.  My book table was next to Dr. Edgar McKnight. What a gifted Bible scholar and conversationalist. I didn’t know that he grew up in Charleston. Next to him sat Dot Jackson, a founding member of the Birchwood Board. What a delightful, zany writer. Mickey Becham was a little further down. Joni Tevis, who teaches creative writing at Furman, was on my left. Dr. Allen was seated a little further over. I found out this time that he is also a publisher concentrating on South Carolina poets. We didn’t sell a lot of books, but we all had lots of fun doing what we do best, talking and visiting with folks who came by.  Angela Hollis is the mastermind that puts all of this together. Carol and I enjoyed a great lunch conversation with Angela and Dot.

            Earlier in the week at Georgetown we met Dr. T. C. Smith, who also taught at Furman. He is 95 years young and is writing another book. Glen Clayton and Greer were also there. This has just been a wonderful time for those of who love Furman, enjoy South Carolina Baptist History, engage in research and writing, and relish meeting old friends and making new ones.