Lighten up. They are only words. No, they are never only words. Since God spoke our universe into existence, words have been powerful. Words have destroyed families, wrecked friendships, killed relationships, and fractured churches. Words are the product of what is in your heart. You are what you speak.

Words are formed in our brains. They become the raw material of our thought processes. We become our words. The historic little book, As a Man Thiketh, makes this perfectly clear.

It is important to the welfare of our society that our words be uplifting, encouraging, strengthening, and positive.

Many people give Donald Trump a pass because he is running for office. This is where he should set the example. Statements such as: our country is run by losers, our negotiators are idiots, and she is the worst Secretary of State in American history, may win applause, but they are poison. They shed no light on the situation and are intended to inflict personal harm. Trump is not the first to use this tactic nor will he be the last.

Think about these words being used to portray your wife, husband, daughter or son. Would you still laugh or applaud? What if your daughter’s teacher sent a note home with the following message? “Dear parent, your daughter is an idiot.” Did I hear you applaud? I think not.

Words are never just words.