August 10, 2016

The first phrase, “All Holy Books are Limitations” is a concept that I have contemplated over some through the years and at different times in my life.  It is not a statement that I have ever wholesale adopted or given much credence even if my primary knowledge of holy books is the Holy Bible, the Old and New Testaments. I recently saw that phrase posted on someone’s Face Book page.  It caught my attention and the phrase had a ring of truth to it but not ultimate truth.  I am using this phrase as an opposite reference point to the Hebraic truth recorded in the book of Psalms where the psalmist declares that God’s Word is a light and a path for his journey.  In one phrase one adopts the position that wisdom and holy books provide limitations. Some declare holy books to be grantors of limitations.  They are not lights and words of life for those who live in the darkness or purposeless living.  Instead they are walls, darkness, and hindrances to growth.  Conversely, the psalmist declares that God’s word is a light for his path and it helps him move down the highway of life to find life, liberty, happiness, and occasional unspeakable joy.
Where do you find your divine revelation?  For me it is in the Holy Bible.  It is the place where my soul is fed, where my heart is encouraged, where my sins are declared forgiven by Jesus, and the place where I meet God.  It is far from a place of limitation for me.  Actually, it is a beginning point in many respects.  It is a starting place to find God, to find wisdom, to find encouragement which calls me to become a better person, a better Christian, a better chaplain and a better father to my kids.  It is not a book of limitations but rather a book that shows me that I do have limits.  I am surely not God nor can I become God.
So, are holy books places where one experiences negative limitations?  For some the answer is yes.  Holy books get in the way by creating ethics of care, love, work, marriage, parenting and the list goes on.  Divine revelations and holy words in holy books are just man made and less than helpful at best.  That’s what some would say.  They produce limitations for some and I have to agree that is true for some but not for me.  Instead, reading the words of the Old and New Testament give me life, correction, light, and wisdom to live a productive and fruitful life.  I need something outside of myself and that something is God and God’s word.  It is my light and path finder.  It helps me to live a joyful, productive life for God.  It doesn’t limit me.  It empowers me and infuses me with the living Spirit and words that touch my soul and total being.