Dr. Jerry Root and Dr. Peter Walters are the speakers for the 16th Annual John Hamrick Lectures at First Baptist Church of Charleston on January 16 and 17. Both speakers are faculty members at Wheaton College.     

            Dr. Root, an authority on C. S. Lewis, will speak at 5:p.m. on Sunday afternoon and again at 10:30 a.m. on Monday. He will be introduced by Rev. Brian McGreevy, the chaplain at Porter-Gaud School and by Dr. Don Kirkland, president and editor of the Baptist Courier. Dr. Walters, who specializes in wellness, will speak at 9:30 a.m. on Monday. He will be introduced by Dr. Melvin Ezel.

Dr. Root has lectured or preached in fourteen countries and nineteen states. He is the editor of, The Quotable C. S. Lewis, published by Tyndale House. He contributed a chapter, “C. S. Lewis, “The Resurrection,” to The Baker Dictionary of Christian Education. “Tools Inadequate and Incomplete: “C. S. Lewis and the Great Religions,” is in, The Pilgrim’s Guide: C. S. Lewis and the Art of Witness. He was awarded his Ph.D. by the British Open University. He received the Master of Divinity degree from Talbot Graduate School of Theology and his B. A. degree from Whittier College. He joined the Wheaton faculty in 1996. He is a former pastor concentrating in youth ministry. His sister introduced him to the writings of C. S. Lewis. He has made of Lewis his life’s focus of study and research.

            In 2004-05 Dr. Walters received the Wheaton College Senior Teaching Achievement Award. He has published and presented papers including: “Intrapersonal Depth and Spirituality,” “Self Discovery and Spirituality,” “Childhood Obesity: Causes and Treatment,” and “Sleep and Spirituality.” Dr. Walters was awarded the Ph.D. and Master’s degrees by Texas A and M University and his B. A. degree by Western Kentucky University. Dr. Walters will address, “The Relationship between Physical Wellness and Spiritual Wellness.”

            The Hamrick Lectures are given in recognition of the life and work of Dr. John A. Hamrick, long time pastor of First Baptist Church and the founding president of what is now Charleston Southern University.

            All programs are held in the sanctuary of First Baptist Church and the public is invited to attend. There are no charges. Parking is at 48 Meeting Street. For further information contact the church office at 843-722-3896 or the web site www.fbcharleston.org